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Who We Are...

what we do...

Our goal is to offer
innovative, sustainable, simplistic, stylish pieces that can easily be paired
together. We create slow fashion made in small batches for toddlers and select
matching styles for mama.

Our Products...

Bonded by Fashion’s exclusive pieces are designed by our founder and CEO, Roxanne Thomas. Each style is created with both mama and baby in mind. Comfort and quality are essential, which is why we strive to use all natural fabrics that are breathable, soft, durable and naturally hypoallergenic. Our unique design details, versatile gender neutral styles and prints will give you and your baby quality pieces with innovative designs for a sensible mommy and me look.

Our goal is to one day become a fully sustainable brand. This, however, is a huge undertaking. We strive to use all natural and organic fabrics as much as possible. We will always be open and honest about the fabrics that we are using. Our factory overseas has passed all ethical standards. And, all of our packaging is 100% compostable.

Bonded by Fashion is also currently working to carry a couple of our favorite woman/mama owned brands that offer infant and toddler clothing making a one-stop-shop for mothers looking for quality fashions for their precious babies.